Club House Terrace Club House Terrace
Restaurant @ Santa Anita Park
"Adonai V"
Do yourself a favor and pay the extra money for the box seats upstairs. The downstairs and the upstairs environment is like night and day. The upstairs environment has a great view with television sets, the cafeteria is close by and often has small lines, you can conveniently place bets at the kiosks, there is usually a kiosk available without any need to wait in line, easily cash out winning tickets nearby, there are clean and wided spaced bathrooms and you can easily grab an alcoholic drink at the cafeteria. Basically, it's all close by, next to each other, without having to wait in long lines. It's also clean and elegant. Walk into the downstairs area and you will feel like you walked into a post apocalyptic scenario. You will feel like you are either about to get mugged or someone will come up to you to beg for money. You really feel the dread and angst of the addicted gamblers along with their crushed dreams, major loses and huge debts. You will feel subhuman and weary of other people. If you walk into the bathroom you will find it so dirty that you won't be sure if you are standing in a stall or in the general bathroom area. Avoid the downstairs bathroom at all costs. The only good thing downstairs is that there is a tent where you can learn how to bet. Also, there is a jungle gym for kids further down the area if you manage to survive the travel downstairs. The upper level truly gets 5 stars. You will have a great time, a very fun experience for all ages, you will experience all the magic you often see portrayed in films and television shows.