The Station Restaurant The Station Restaurant
Restaurant @ Carson Station Hotel and Casino
"Andrew Corwin"
This is my favorite hotel in the Carson City area. The rooms are outstanding and the price is extremely reasonable. There are rooms with balconies available. The rooms are spacious and also have a refrigerator and microwave, a large flat screen television with Direct TV (not just the standard 6 channels, with 4 of them being hotel/information channels as is customary in casino hotels.) They are also extremely clean. The hotel is located within a 5 to 7 minute (probably less) walk of the state capital. There are also a number of restaurants within walking distance. The staff are outstanding, respectful and go above and beyond. I recommend staying here if you come to Carson City for anything, personal travel, business, staycation, or to escape the kids for a night. And the Black Bear Diner has DELISCOUS pancakes. Try the pineapple upside down pancakes, enjoy them because they are freaking fantastic and then run around the capital 153 times...that is how many laps it takes (give or take a few) for the sugar high to wear off. However, once you've consumed these pancakes, you'll soon realize why they are totally worth the hundreds of laps one might spend running around the capital.