La Pergola La Pergola
Restaurant @ MSC Cruises - MSC Armonia
"A Mobley"
I've only eaten there a few times, and the food is very good, clearly made with the freshest ingredients, and made to order - they don't mind special requests at all. But this review is really about the coffee. The coffee is AMAZING. It's so amazing that I wrote this review JUST to mention the coffee. If you are anywhere in the vicinity, and want an excellent coffee for an incredibly good price, go to La Pergola Cafe. They will make it any way you like it. I used to drop by several times a week just for the coffee when it was on my way to work. I now have to go about a mile out of my way to get there, but I still drop by every once in a while for lunch and a coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Can't say it enough.