Carlos de la Vara
Sugar Creek Casino Sugar Creek Casino
Hinton, Oklahoma
"Carlos de la Vara"
I'm a truck driver. I had to take a half hour break and I chose to do it at the Sugar Creek Casino since they have truck parking. As I'm walking toward the casino I notice how run down it looks on the outside. My thought was "Well maybe that's a good thing because maybe the reason they don't have money for renovations is because they payout alot". My logic is... the fancier the place, the more money they steal from you. Lol. I went in with an amount ($60) that won't make me hate life if I lose. I had the Midas touch today... everything I touched turned to gold! I played the Pompeii ll slot machine wagering $1.25 a spin. In no time I was down to $5.... then I hit for $961.00! I cashed out and played two more machines. On one I won $110 and the other I won $340. $901 + $110 + $340 = $1351in less than an hour. Today was a good day!!