Retro Deli Retro Deli
Restaurant @ Century Casino & Hotel
"J. Wagoner"
We had taken an historical tour of Central City and were hungry after all the walking around. We stopped here and walked through the casino to get to the restaurant... I remarked to my girlfriend that we could stay and play some blackjack after lunch. It's not necessarily the casino's fault, but every customer we saw in the casino section looked fat or old or both, or like they had some sort of medical condition, or maybe like they were on their last dollar... it's not meant to be an indictment, but I felt sorry for them and wished I hadn't had to walk through this particular gauntlet just to get to the restaurant. I just wondered why I didn't see even one young, good-looking, in-shape, well-to-do person here besides ourselves. When we got to the restaurant itself, an old biker guy in full leathers was looking at the sign that proudly advertised prime rib for $6.99 (I think it was $6.99, something like that). My girlfriend said "Look! They have prime rib for only $6.99" and I said "Dear, you're not going to get good prime rib anywhere for only $6.99". The biker dude turned around and started laughing, his toothless grin telling a story of rough days and toothbrushless nights. I asked the hostess "How's the food here?" and she proclaimed "We've got the best prime rib in the house!" I innocently asked "Well, how many other places are selling prime rib in this particular house?" and she blushed and paused and I could see her gears turning before she then said "Oops, good point. I guess I should be saying 'We've got the best prime rib in town!'" I secretly wondered, sadly, whether a local butcher truly didn't have any dry-aged prime-grade prime rib better than the budget-priced prime rib at this fine establishment. She then took us back to a seat and handed us some filthy plastic menus. Food was visibly strewn about the floor, both in and out of our booth, and a table across the room was rife with women coughing and hacking their lungs out. I told my girlfriend "Hey, I don't want to stay here, I'd rather pay more somewhere else and feel like maybe I won't get sick from either the people or the general conditions here". She agreed, and we left. I can't rate or review any of the food, except what I saw stuck to our menu and lying about on the floor. If the restaurant had been closer to the entrance, clean, and not advertising unrealistically cheap food, we'd have probably stayed and gambled a while before getting on our way.