Bimini Bar & Grill Bimini Bar & Grill
Restaurant @ Norwegian Dawn
"Fred Hamilton"
I went with a friend to the restaurant for lunch. It was one of these perfect Florida spring days when the light is just so, breeze is nice and you can't believe people would live in the snow at that very moment. As a result we sat outside at a table that was one of several arranged around this belig beautiful tree. We were greeted by an efficient but friendly young waitress and received excellent service throughout the meal. I had a shrimp rill which was just right. My friend Ev had a fish entree that looked very good. I did not steal a bite because I am a gentleman and she never got up to go the bathroom. We had a dessert to share and it was excellent. I will most certainly return. Hopefully with a friend with a weak bladder and tasty looking food.