Big Drop Café Big Drop Café
Restaurant @ Grand Falls Casino Resort
"Kevin Bryant"
Nice poker room a little small but I get it it's the area the three stars is for your Buffet you need a new chef everything was overcooked prime rib was dry I felt like I was chewing on rubber and I did not enjoy my meal.... and all the girls at the front talk too much to each other instead of getting me a refill on my drinks...... they have one job that's too just seat someone and make sure they have a drink in front of them that's obviously the women that you hire ...that is too hard for them to handle five girls at the hostess stand talking to one another is ridiculous..... you need to retrain all of them.... as for your food something needs to change every time I go in here dried food I feel like I'm at Old Country Buffet or something and I have been to a lot of Indian casinos that were fantastic this is not one of them for food.....