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May 14 '18 at 2:52

Seven Rivers Steaks Seafood Spirits

Tried to eat at the fancy place, was told we had to have a reservation and then they couldn't seat us till 9pm. We decided to eat at the Willow which just started seating and had no other customers. After we ordered we watched the servers at the fancy restaurant standing around looking bored with no customers yet. Anywho, our food took forever to get to the table. Everything looked like a gut bomb. Even the tuna salad plate I got was literally an entire cup of really boring mayo and tuna mixed and plopped on top of iceberg lettuce with sliced red onions, a few sparse and wispy carrots 4 cucumber chips and 4 mushy tomato slices. My husbands meat was overcooked and cold. He sent his back for a redo. I'm so glad we didn't eat at the expensive fancy place because the use cheap ingredients and all the food comes out of the same kitchen. Gassy gut bomb, won't be back.