Sandra Rivas
Princess Cruises - Island Princess
Seattle, Washington
"Sandra Rivas"
We attended the boat ride today June 17th, 2018. I am new to the area and wanted to show my family a great time. They came to visit me. I googled this specific cruise "Island Princess Cruises". When I looked at the website. It showed pictures of the inside. False advertisement! The tables in the inside DID NOT have cloth or set up the way the picture is viewed online. Its a blank BROWN TABLE. Presentation is the key!!! When I called to get more information. I ask the lady what type of food do they provided on the boat. She said the boat would provide pastries and coffee in the morning and a club sandwich with fruits on the side for lunch. Let me make something very clear to anyone who is expecting more then ONE PASTRY because the girl on the phone said "PASTRIES" No! They literally give you one kind of pastry. They don't provide a variety of options. Thank god we ate something before leaving the house. I was so hungry! I couldn't even enjoy my beverage. I was so disappointed with lunch. They make you WAIT & WAIT for lunch to be served. We ate around 1:30pm. Reminded you we got on the boat at 10am. The boat ride is from 10:30am-3pm. So, from 10am until 1: 30pm we were STARVING!!! The club sandwich was OK. They don't provide a drink to go with your lunch. You have to purchase your drink. The atmosphere on the boat is leaning towards older senior citizen not environment for younger adults or kids. I paid $139.92 for 3 people NOT WORTH ONE PENNY! NO MUSIC, NO ENTERTAINMENT, NOTHING SPECIAL. WE WERE FALLING ASLEEP!!!! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMENDED THIS BOAT TO ANYONE. The only great thing were the views NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!