Junior’s Restaurant Junior’s Restaurant
Restaurant @ Fox Tower
Very disappointed in our recent visit here. On their website they advertise half off a bottle of wine on Sundays from 5-close. My husband and I went to have dinner there and inquired if it was only certain bottles of wine that qualified for this special. The waiter indicated he did not know about this special and brought the manager over. I pulled up their website on my phone and showed him - he indicated that all the specials were old and Foxwoods needed to update. We were very disappointed in his lack of customer service and decided we would take our business elsewhere. As we were leaving the waiter told us to let him know if we found a special that good elsewhere. We told him it was more about the principle of it- Juniors has this advertised on their website and that was half the reason we planned to have dinner there. To not make good on something on your website (which I just checked again and it is STILL being advertised) is just poor customer service!