Junior’s Restaurant Junior’s Restaurant
Restaurant @ Fox Tower
"Soul Phin"
I love the variety of sweet this place offers at the bakery by the entrance to the gambling floor but as for the restaurant section I’m not really a big fan of. Visited the restaurant on numerous occasions and I wouldn’t really recommend it. I remember on one of my visit I order the lobster roll, it was very flimsy maybe due to the market price but atleast you would expect the quality to be finger licking good but it was very disappointing. Second visit took my sister out for dinner there expecting the first visit to be just an off night for the chef but again I was disappointed with the quality of the calm chowder, it was grossly thick like really thick worst than can chowders but than again I think it came from a can, how disappointing. The buffalo chicken wings weren’t that great but atleast it was edible. Atleast, the server was absolutely amazing but the food isn’t great. I would opt out for fudrucker or their bakery or wait until the chef is in a good mood and love cooking again.