Boxcar Deli Boxcar Deli
Restaurant @ Snoqualmie Casino
"Blaze Martinez"
Beautiful casino and excellent food, but pretty poor customer service. Dealers seem disinterested (and many displayed poor skills), floor staff are average (some did not know rules), and I kept encountering sour employees who seemed annoyed by customers (there were also great employees, too, but too many marginal ones that I ended up noticing it). This casino simply does not put a high priority on customer service at all, and I have visited EVERY casino in the entire Western U.S. and all in Las Vegas. I know what I'm talking about. They need to train these people better, hire better people and enforce standards better. Very few smiles, too. I will add the slots seemed to be hitting bonuses during the busy hours, so they are at least willing to give their addicts a little bit of "fun" before taking their money. I've seen tighter slots. But in the end, I ended up losing a lot, quickly. I didn't appreciate how fast my losses accelerated, and this was toward the end of the weekend. The players club offers a decent point rate for slot play. Not great, but above average in terms of what I accumulated for my play. I'm glad this place provides people jobs, but I will not be returning.