Boxcar Deli Boxcar Deli
Restaurant @ Snoqualmie Casino
"Mac Xtc"
Excellent Staff, plenty of slot machines, fully staffed on a Sunday... Buffet was very good and well attended (food not left to dry out) A most excellent dessert selection - WOW... Cheese cake was so rich, I gained weight just looking at it - "Yum!" .... I came in a Semi-Truck and trailer; the lot is not designed for Semi-Trucks... But the staff and security didn't give me a hard time at all... found a spot near the front of the casino... Quiet and scenic... With a nice area of grass for the dog's to run around (poop bags provided) Won a few bucks in the casino, then camped out in the truck... Everyone was very nice and easy while I was there ... I will be going back one day soon!