Painted Desert
Restaurant @ Princess Cruises - Grand Princess
"Rebekah Rowan"
Just to clarify: this is an 8 year old's review. I think the whole trip starts off with a gift shop, and I don't know if that's stupid or genius, but i dig it. It's a loop of scenic viewpoints, and on the day that we went it was very windy. Instead of focussing on the fact that it's very beautiful, the people reading this can see that on google images. I just want to give an anecdote about the fact that on that day I wanted to pull a Ricky Martin move where I opened my jacket to catch the wind, and the wind carried me 20ft into the painted desert, and everyone, my dad, my brother, and foreign tourists, had to hop the fence to go get me. It was a very magical day at the painted desert. Oh, and there's some really cool petrified wood there.