Ari Hornick
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Ari Hornick"
The staff tried. The manager was the problem. Staff asked if I needed help. I explained my situation. They said I needed to talk to the manager. Staff returned with a quick answer. I elaborated a little more. She said, "Oh yeah. You need to wait for the manager." Several minutes later, another staff asked whether I needed help. I explained. He said, "Yeah, you need the manager. She's on the cash register. That's probably why it's taking a few minutes." I watched customers come in and receive service from that manager for 15 minutes until I realized that whatever my problem was would never be as important as any other customer's needs. I cut my losses and left. A few minutes later, Google asked me to describe my experience, so other customers would know what to expect. They should expect that the staff are fine, but if they need anything from a manager, they should expect to be ignored.