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Jun 10 '18 at 9:44

Carnegie's Dining Car

Absolutely love this place sometimes I win money sometimes I lose but I always have fun. There is good lighting and especially good ventilation in the casino. I love their rooms they are always very clean and if there is ever a problem the hosts or security handle it very well. The Italian food is the best and the prices are even better for all you can eat pasta. The Round House Buffet is also good there is not a huge selection like in the other casinos and they are closed a lot of the time during the day but the food is very good food and the price is also good. The casino has a lot of comps that they are actually generous about. I have been staying at the Tropicana since it used to be the Ramada and I have not paid for one night stay. I do gamble a lot so it makes up for it but I would rather gamble and get free rooms rather than pay for rooms. At least this way I get to have fun. I now have a child so i stay in the back tower but for years I was in the adult tower and I loved this concept. I will always stay here when I come to Laughlin and I come often lol! I can't wait to go back.