Lobby Lounge
Restaurant @ The Star
"Nadine Thong"
Service was totally appalling!! Firstly, took them a while to organise a table for us.. Which is fine because we were a group of 8.. Lounge wasn't even 1/3 full at the time, no staff was manning the floor when we walked in.. Literally no staff was on the floor at the time.. Second, we ordered drinks 10 minutes after we sat down! Ordered Anna's amazing firecracker as well.. By the time we finished the dessert, drinks were still nowhere to be seen.. drinks took at least 30 minutes to get to the table.. one of them was even wrong! Third, instead of leaving the drinks on the table directly.. All of them were practically past to us so we can put them on the table ourselves.. even a pot of hot tea was just handed to us.. knife wasn't given to us to slice the dessert open.. when I approached the counter to get the knifes, they just told me "oh, we forgot about it" Fourth, not even a proper apology on the wrong drink order.. simply took it back, change and left it on the table.. and it was still wrong.. chocolate milkshake is not iced chocolate.. I totally wasn't expecting this from a well known hotel.. it was just completely disappointing