Sterling Brunch Sterling Brunch
Restaurant @ Bally's - Las Vegas
"Cody Blezek"
So I have allergies one of them being a dairy allergy right? So I am asking about the crab stuffed lobster that is an 80 meal. The waiter says we can make anything without butter. Awesome! Not awesome. I don't find out at all in any way shape or form until the plate comes to the table that the crab stuffing is made with butter so it has no crab in it... As well as no seasoning... So essentially I paid for a baked lobster that was extremely dry for 80 dollars. "I can have anything made without butter." And when trying to make a point to the waiter he just kept repeating well you said you can't have butter. So that means you bring me out a plain baked lobster for 80 bucks with no crab involved what so ever... Greeaaat. Then essentially refuse to make it right. Worst dining experience ever.