Cherie Betts
Corbould Park Racecourse
Caloundra, Queensland
"Cherie Betts"
Ladies Oaks day 2018. My son went for 1.5 hours and was kicked out as security thought he was drunk and disorderly. I picked up my son and he was defiantly not drunk!! He was also accused of taking drugs which I find highly offensive as they accused him with no proof execpt his eyes were drooping. He has an eye condition that he was born with that makes his eye droop and if he is tired or had a couple of drinks it gets worse!! It is discrimination and I really should seek legal advice. My son saud he was acting fine and doing nothing wrong yet there were girls in the gardens throwing up that wernt kicked out! Classy!! Security have a power trip going on!! Very disappointed as my son travelled all the way from Brisbane to have a nice day with his friends!!