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"Welknown Gohd"
I just want to say I love the new look and I'm looking forward to the new addition of a theater and bowling alley and that I will be one of the first people to come check out the upgrades. I don’t mind the area it’s located in as far as I’m concerned it’s making the entire area change for the better. Security is a bit crazy as I and my girlfriend were there for the gift Thursday we also had my child in a stroller as we were taking him out for a walk and they made my girlfriend leave the casino even though she was not going to be gaming nor was she attempting to receive the gift she simply accompanied me with our child while she was waiting for me away from the machines. She was told that she had to leave immediately otherwise the casino could be fined then was escorted out before she could even alert me of the situation. That was my complaint people walk the strip with kids till the crack of dawn entering casinos 24/7 and here it was only 7:00pm and that’s the treatment that you give parents when they are visiting? Bad bad security but the area is safe so I’ll take the good with the bad’