Chantel Ariana
California Grand Casino California Grand Casino
Pacheco, California
"Chantel Ariana"
A dollar/fifty cents collection on every hand 3 card poker doesn't let you bid on only the bonus so you're literally paying at least $10 a hand just for the ante and play bets then $5 on the 6 card an regular bonus bet bringing it up to a total bet of $21 every single hand. Maybe that's just the world we live in today with the economy being in the state that it's in and the inflation of the average costs of living, but I can't help but feel a little swindled. Blackjack doesn't let you hit on 19 sometimes even 18, which I couldn't find more offensive because quite frankly if I see the dealer has got a 8 or better showing I'm gonna be tempted to hit my hand that one last push to get me over that showing card, cause sure there's a risk I'd bust but I'd feel better about busting on my chance hit than I would watching the player next to me get the card that wouldve pushed me high enough to beat the dealers hand instead of losing with a 18. Just seems a little one sided when you can't hit when you want for the money you're putting out on the table. Otherwise the place is very clean it seems and they don't allow smoking inside so thats actually quite nice.