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Jun 17 '18 at 1:35

Will Dorvall

Will Dorvall
We did a 3 day cruise - make sure u know these things: parking is $20 a day while your on your cruise- get a balcony if you can they are worth the extra $ - if u get sea sick, try to get a room in the middle section of the ship (less rocking)- soda is not included even at meals so it's extra so if you love soda bring a 12 pack of your own (22 cans per person is normally allowed and we had a mini fridge)- you are charged tips automatically on everything so never tip anyone because it is already on every bill, they even add it to your overall bill for room cleaning,etc) there was a ton of food but it's not 5 star quality, it's good just not great but the burger place on most carnival cruises are really good. Enjoy, just know these things upfront and you will have fun.