Johnnny Burtoft
Fort Cheyenne Casino Fort Cheyenne Casino
North Las Vegas, Nevada
"Johnnny Burtoft"
The pool left something to be desired. Drinks are expected to be expensive but the pool was crowded and the water was freezing cold. It was a nice pool it was just on the small side compared to others. The rooms were nice and updated better than other hotels on the Strip for the price. You get some pretty sweet coupons upon check-in like a free breakfast buffet and a two-for-one voucher at the Seafood Shack which is a really good value as well as a buy one get one free cocktail. The cocktails at the Seafood Shack Bar are easily the cheapest and that is where you should do most of your drinking. The casino itself is nice but there is very little room between machines when you are not on the walkway. Waitresses are more attentive and frequent here than at other hotels ready to offer you whatever you want from the bar as long as you're gambling. The location of Treasure Island is also nice as it's in the middle of the strip.