Canal Street Bread and Sandwich Co. Canal Street Bread and Sandwich Co.
Restaurant @ Showboat Atlantic City
"Eric Jakubowski"
I booked this room before I remember Showboat wasn't a casino anymore. The room had a dirty smell. At least one of the chairs had definitely been peed on in its life. I saw a booger on the window sill. They didn't provide me with a bar of soap, so I had to wash my hands with shower gel. The hotel has a few restaurants listed, but I don't know where they keep them, half of it is abandoned. There was one open, a burger place that looked like they had trouble handling the few tables they had occupied, no one greeted me or offered to sit me, so I left. Food didn't look that good. Overall, I wish I would have just stayed at a motel closer to a real casino. It would have been less of a let-down. Showboat is a waste of your money.