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Dear Ms. Bulleigh, Welcome! Another school year is before us and it's been made known to again that CDO has no activity bus to return students home after atheletic practice. It's a shame that the school has not been able to coordinate with the Bus Transportation Department to make this happen. As concerned parents, we are hoping that you as the incoming new Principal of CDO will change this. No student should be left without, after school activities bus transportation due to lack of coordination. We understand that activities end at different times, that students live in various boundary areas of the district and that funding is a concern, however that is where the leaders of CDO should be making the changes to create an organized foundation that will suit the athletic activities on a uniformed schedule which allows for after school activity transportation. At the moment, students either decline to sign up for after school sports or they are confronted with stressing over their transportation home once they are done with their practice. Not to mention, the undue stress this causes on parents not knowing if their student will have safe transportation home. It's understandable that in the past, the former Principal ran things that way as maybe in the past it wasn't needed, however with a graduating class of over 400 students last year, this needs immediate modification and a reconsideration to honor those atheletic students who represent CDO within their respective sports. If Marana and other high schools in other districts and middle schools within our own Amphitheater School District can structure activities to be on a uniformed schedule to allow for after school late activity transportation, why is CDO not able to make this change and coordinate with Bus Transportation to make this happen? After all, parents and/or students pay high athletic fee's to join a team and represent CDO. Your effort in reconstruction of this lack that the CDO faces is highly appreciated and will carry a lot of weight with CDO students and parents! Thank you in advance for your time and efforts to make this change, not only will this benefit students and parents, but it will promote bigger school representation, students will not hesitate to sign up and pay those high athletic fee's, it will detour careless driving by students who are exhausted after their practice and it will eliminate accidents on the road. It will also help the working parents keep a piece of mind that their students are traveling home safely and parents will not hesitate to sign their student up for sports. Again, Welcome to our CDO community and we hope you can make a difference in this area as well as others, such as for transportation for the IB Program and other school areas, Thank you! Respectfully, CDO Parent