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Jun 12 '18 at 13:38

Lexington/Kentucky Room

Stayed here and got a king room #312, when we arrived the tub was full of water and running, we pulled the plug and shut the water off. The tub has peeled paint and big stains. The bathroom floor had stains all over. Then we go to bed and the furnace/ac is right next to the bed/pillow and is obnoxiously loud and continues to go off and on all night. So you are woke up startled about every 20 minutes. Then at 830am they have their staff go around and knock on all doors waking people up. I opened the door and asked what she wanted and she was already at the next room, she said they were checking to see if people were still here and would come back later, I said they should come after 11am check out. My husband went down and found them and went to the desk to complain, the woman there said they always do this to see if people left already, she said not everyone checks out and thought it was no big deal that they wake everyone up. I would highly recommend staying somewhere else.