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Restaurant @ Terrible's Town Casino & Bowl - Henderson
"Jon Ilano"
This restaurant is now called Cafe V, as of August 12th, 2014. I was here a few months ago, when it was called Vic's, but didn't get the chance to dine at that time, as I was here to attend the screening of Vic Vegas' debut on Bar Rescue. We dined this past Friday evening at about 630pm, with our party of 5. The dining atmosphere is very family friendly and accommodating. The wait staff was very attentive and quick with our requests. The food however... was the best that I've experienced. For appetizers, we ordered fried green beans, chicken tenders,, and the shrimp cocktail. There is always one in our bunch who may not like one of the items, but all of us, loved all of them. For our entrees, we ordered the V Burger, and the Open Face Roast Beef Sandwich. The V Burger is their signature burger. I'm not really a big fan of Blue Cheese on my burger, but that with the caramelized onions, made me a big fan. The Roast Beef sandwich was exceptional too. The mashed potatoes, were placed under the bed of roast beef. So every bite had potatoes in it. Overall, the food coming out of that kitchen, doesn't justify this place being called just a Cafe. Definitely a hidden gem, off the strip, in the Anthem community. We will be back!