Curtis Rippee
Argosy's Alton Argosy's Alton
Alton, Illinois
"Curtis Rippee"
One of the worst casinos in st louis metro. It has the tightest machines any of us have ever tried to play. The only casino tighter is Hollywood in st charles. This boat stinks smells moldy. Service takes for ever. They dont have alot of customers nobody seems to want to go there but it still takes for ever to get help. The machine choices are old no real current machines. But we guessed even if they did those would be shut down just as tight as the rest. Every casino has free soda and coffee they were out of coffee the last 2 long trips out there. The boat shakes and bounces when the barges go by. This rate is not given from a single trip there. Multiple visits reveal the same tight machines you will loose you play money faster here as no even small wins add up to nothing but anger for you. Take it from us its not worth the long trip out there to the stinky little tight machined boat.