Homer Simpson
Riu Guanacaste Hotel and Casino Riu Guanacaste Hotel and Casino
"Homer Simpson"
The Hotel Riu Guanacaste is an all-inclusive resort. As such, it offers amenities like the Grand Palace in Cancun though I wouldn't rate it as high because the food quality is not as good but it's worth a 4-star. It also does not offer video game room that the Grand Palace does. Unlike the Grand Palace, it does not hassle its guests with buying membership, which to me makes for a more comfortable experience. I absolutely dislike the passive aggressive sales experience. You can easily spend a day at the beach. Though the sand is a bit rocky, the warm water makes up for it. You can also reserve paddle boarding and single/double kayaking but you have to reserve a day in advance. All in all, Hotel Riu Guanacaste is worth every penny. It's about $1,000 cheaper than the Grand Palace so I have to take that into consideration. I would come back again. Costa Rica is an absolute gem. I hope it stays lush, green, and unpolluted for generations to come.