Tropical Smoothie
Restaurant @ Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa
"Joygrace Harmony"
The first time we went on our lunch break a very unpleasant woman named Allison was scowling at us as we approached the counter. We said we are vegan and we would like to know what do you have that we could eat. She just stared at us like we were from another planet. Luckily we looked up and saw a veggie hummus Bowl which we ordered 2 of. Our Founder she ordered a meat dish of some kind. We got two 2 ounce shots of wheatgrass. Little did we know we were supposed to be offered chips or fruit to come with Arbol we would learn this later when we would return for dinner. We also realize when we return for dinner that we weren't even given the wholeness we were supposed to have in our Bowl. She should have let us know about the beyond meat chicken strips but they clearly have posted luckily for us I saw that and took some pictures because we were so happy that they serve beyond meat. A very unhappy young employee who really needs to find a different job because she clearly does not enjoy being there. She gave us an absolutely awful service and complete attitude and then didn't even serve us the correct food but because we were such happy people we didn't notice this until we went back for dinner. As you can see from the pictures on the food no hummus in the hummus Veggie Bowl.