Maureen Wilson
Desert Diamond Casino West Valley Desert Diamond Casino West Valley
Glendale, Arizona
"Maureen Wilson"
Until the big resort opens next year, this is a slots only casino. Lots of seniors inside smoking and wasting their retirement funds. However, the air system is better than most casinos like this as it worked hard to filter the nasty smell (and hopefully accompanying particulates!) from the air we have to breathe. I found the casino a bit too brightly lit for my taste. The staff was extremely nice and helpful. We took advantage of the free $10 credit offered on your first visit to learn the machines, then settled in for about 30 minutes of hard core button pushing. After losing a few dollars and breathing a month's supply of second hand smoke, we called it a night. Parking is more than adequate. Easy to get to by the 101 freeway to Northern or to Glendale. We'll be back, but not too often because of the smoke filled air. I wish one of these casinos would bite the bullet and go smoke free, just to see if it works.