Loren P
Fire Rock Navajo Casino Fire Rock Navajo Casino
Church Rock, New Mexico
"Loren P"
Place needs a HUGE update, they have slots there that have been in the exact SAME place since it first opened...95% of the machines can’t read your player’s card also and let’s get more table games! This place is constantly packed especially during the evenings and of course during the first of the month...why not make it bigger? Its crammed as hell there and you always have people there that just stand there n watch you which can be pretty annoying. Speaking of annoying I’m a smoker and when i go to a casino i like to enjoy my cigarette but its hard when you have people sitting there upset with the smoke...ITS A DAMN CASINO WHAT DO U EXPECT??? That’s also the reason why they have NON SMOKING SECTIONS!!! The place is ok, the people suck and the casino needs to be updated and expanded.