Marisa Sanfilippo
The Atlantic Club The Atlantic Club
Atlantic City, New Jersey
"Marisa Sanfilippo"
I was a member for over a year and accumulated over 1,000 points from doing social media check-ins and making purchases at their juice bar. A few months after I canceled my membership, they would not let me redeem my well-earned points. When I asked them about this they told me their policy had changed. They had let me redeem some of my points after I canceled the 1st time I went in but the 2nd time I went in I'm being told about this "new policy and could not longer redeem them." I was considering going back and joining their other location instead where I would be able to go more to get my money's worth. After this event, I would not ever go back and don't recommend them. I paid over $1300 during my time as a member and I was entitled to the $50 in gift cards from the points I worked hard to earn. Who knows what policy they would randomly change next.