Poker Room Bar
Restaurant @ Derby Lane
"Brian Aldrich"
I went to derby lane tonight with my brother and a friend. My friend and I sat at a table to play cards and enjoy ourselves. Not only to be interrupted 10 minutes after we sit down by a security guard and a floor manager I believe he is of Hispanic decent. I was then harassed by the two gentlemen being accused of someone that was kicked out earlier that day. Not only was I harassed by the rude floor manager, he threatened to have me “86” which as he said means to be banned permanently. Once they went back and checked the tapes and realized that I was a different person the security guard returned and apologized which is the only reason this review is getting two stars. So instead of taking my brother and friend to enjoyable game of cards while they were down visiting I ended up being harassed and our time was ruined. I don’t think I will be recommending derby lane to anyone any more