Karl Hansen
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Miami, Florida
"Karl Hansen"
Referring to a 2017 cruise on board Solstice... in a word: TERRIBLE. Crew and on board management could care less. Food at the specialty restaurants is awful. Technology doesn't work. IT issues go unattended the entire cruise. Areas are dirty and crew ignores it. Stateroom's balcony furnishings are rotting. Stateroom toilet is disgusting. Bathrobes are worn out. Maintenance is lacking and when done it appears accomplished by the lowest bidder. Amenities are shut down. Fellow passengers are sick with a gut illness---food poisoning? I'd not be surprised the way things are on board. Of course ship's management insists the illness being passenger's fault. Topping it off, a lifeboat is reported to begin sinking while tendering. The Solstice is unfortunately highly neglected. The "Modern Luxury Experience" Celebrity promises of Solstice... BS. My advice: go elsewhere if you're interested in genuine cruise value for your time & money. (If there's a recent glowing review for Solstice, you can be sure that's a paid-for review.)