RW Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar RW Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar
Restaurant @ Resorts World Casino New York City
"Im Gonna Help You Now"
Sometimes you win sometimes you don't Its called gambling. I love to play the slots. They have one of my old reliable games I had fun playing in Atlantic city Its called wheel of fortune. Trust me when you hear that you get a chance to spin the wheel on the players screen. Omg you get a sense of euphoria. Then the game let's a car drive on your screen this helps put some more money in your pockets by flipping some symbols to wild symbols. If you know the game its tons of fun Downside Drink servers are very few and far in between. Did I mention It's hard to get a soft drink without leaving your machine and go on an all out quest. So no 5 star but I love the convenient location. I had a great time here. I took a little change home. I won Thumbs up Share the reviews