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Jun 26 '18 at 4:45

Really disappointed after the good reviews here. Staff was not friendly or welcoming. Service took a long time. Smell of smoke was heavy in restaurant. The salad was a pile of lettuce, 2 slices of cucumber, 1 cherry tomato cut in half, and 8 or so slices of black olives. I ordered the bbq ribs which were so tough and dry I had difficulty cutting through it. I shouldn't have to cut ribs apart, they should be tender enough to pull. Baked beans tasted and looked like they were plain Van De Camps out of a can, the corn on the cob was shriveled and dried, the fries were the only good thing. Waitress asked if I wanted a box for my food and I told her no thank you, she said "ok" and walked off, not giving me a chance to say anything. Never was I asked if there was a problem or offered to have it replaced. She brought my check when I had a full plate of food. I sat longer waiting for our food then it took her to bring the check AFTER the food arrived. My husband mentioned it to her when he went up to pay and her only response was she'd "let them know". No apology and no discount offered to the bill either.