Gavriil Durnovo
Konocti Vista Casino, Resort, Marina and RV Park Konocti Vista Casino, Resort, Marina and RV Park
Lakeport, California
"Gavriil Durnovo"
So last night I came here to have dinner with my family and I could not be more disappointed. Fist off, the walk from the casino into the restaurant was like walking into an insane asylum: colorless, sound proofed walls with white padded boothing and no art or decorations to be seen. It was uncomfortable and lifless. Secondly, the wait staff did not seem to know what they were doing and seemed sheepish and uneasy. We had two people waiting on us before a third came up and told us that she had just been informed that we were seated in her wait area and would be our server. The guy who brought us our drinks brought our child the wrong drink because they were out of what he wanted and the waiter assumed what he would want as a substitute. Not to mention the paper cover on the straws brought with our drinks were saturated from his hand shaking so much when he brought them out. Despite my best intentions telling me to leave, I ordered the chicken fried streak. I figure this is a simple enough dish, hard to get wrong. Apparently that's not the case. When I ordered, there are two sizes, the waitress did not ask me which I prefer so I figured I was getting the large, I did not. The waitress assumed I wanted the smaller portion I suppose but it didn't matter in the long run because this dish was inedible. The steak and breading we're bland, the gravy was barely warm, grainy and thin. The potatoes were alright but we're also covered in the gross gravy. Then, there was the saddest excuse for vegetables I've ever seen. These things were streamed past the point of no return and we're so mushy they looked like they had been smeared onto the plate with a butter knife and then someone dropped a pepper shaker on them. I have never, not even once, been served a meal so bad I couldn't eat it at a restaurant, but I could not eat this food. The waitress was very kind and agreed to take it off the bill. She mentioned that this was happening a lot and that everyone was new. All I can say is if you're going to open a restaurant, make sure your staff is fully trained and make sure there is a proper chef checking dishes before they go out. A little bit of decor also goes a long way. I used to love coming here to eat before the remodel so I hope they step thier game up.