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Jun 27 '18 at 15:03

Sadly they were under staffed, one server and one hostess, and shot a cook in the kitchen. Tuesdays are advertised half priced appetizers, the dining room filled up just before the first race. We made a 6:30 reservation planning ahead as the first race started at 7:30. Our drinks came out quickly, then the salad appetizers followed. Hot items, giant onion rings and mozzarella cheese wedges. The shrimp cocktail was (MIA) missing in action. It finally arrived just before the first race. Dinner items trickled out, our server apologized for the delay. Most of the tables were full. Drink refills were slow. We the bill was presented and upon review of the itemized list, we were overcharged for one of the appetizers. The server adjusted the check reflecting a 50% discount for the appetizers.