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Jun 8 '18 at 3:26
I was craving some Asian food and Noodle Shop was the closest thing to me without having to drive all the way down to Spring Mountain also known as Chinatown..... little did I know at the time, the 15 minute drive would have probably been worth it. Albeit being on the strip, I understand that pricing is going to be a little more "premium", however... the dim sum came out to around $30 and was supposed to feed two people. I could've honestly finished it on my own and still be hungry. For $30, you can get much value else where especially if you head over to the restaurants on Spring Mountain if you are ever craving Asian cuisine. To add on to my experience... the soups just aren't worth it either. The service was quick and the server was friendly.... food was just underwhelming especially for the price it was listed at. I would expect more quality being at a nice hotel like Mandalay Bay.