Jeremiah Donovan
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Lame Deer, Montana
"Jeremiah Donovan"
The biggest Crooks in Wisconsin The latest Potawatomi publicity stunt even fooled the mainstream media. Reportedly a woman won 1.6 million dollars at a $1 slot machine at Potawatomi. It turns out that the women was a Potawatomi native. An ingenious way to lure more victims. You would have to be naive to believe that Potawatomi would allow someone to win that kind of money after building a multimillion-dollar hotel. Potawatomi has been fined on numerous occasions by the gaming Commission for not paying out the percentage requirements. I also heard from dealers that they take tens out of the blackjack decks to give the house better odds because the less tens in the shoe the less likely a dealer will break.. We need to shut this place down.. They destroy more lives than cocaine and heroin ..