Cobey's Food Court Cobey's Food Court
Restaurant @ Arlington Park
"marlene ginter"
On June 2, 2018 a group of us attended the Binny wine tasting. The venue was impressive and the day was great. Included in the price of the ticket was white and red wine pairing. They ran out of red wine pairing food which was supposed to be beef sliders with pickle and onion. They closed the food line till more was replaced but replaced it with dried out burnt hamburgers. They then started to count how many people they would let in because they were running out of the dried meat to serve. Disgusting! Wish I would have remembered to take a picture of it to post. Some people in my group had to leave earlier than 4:30 which was the time the food lines were to end so they didn't get any of the food at all which in the end was a blessing . Tickets weren't cheap and I think we got screwed by their mistake on food preparation.