Danielle Blackwell
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City
Atlantic City, NJ
"Danielle Blackwell"
What an awful experience. There were 5 people at the reservation desk, we must have stood there for 5 minutes while they looked at us, came and went with no words. FINALLY someone asked for our name. They told us it would be 40 mins but the wait ended up being over an hour. As we’re getting seated, we realize there are tons of open tables we could have sat at. But they keyed in our party wrong and wrote 4 instead of 2. We get seated and realize they’re only serving the late night menu (no hits against them, we should have thought about this) which isn’t that diverse. We sat there for 20 minutes and watched 3 different groups get seated and waited on when no one had even come to greet us & ask for drink orders. Finally I flagged down a random waitress who said “yeah I saw you guys here and was wondering why he hadn’t come to serve you”.. why didn’t she do something about that 15 minutes ago? We order all of our food at once and she’s very apologetic and says she’ll put a rush on it and bring it all at once. We ordered a flatbread and 2 salads, nothing requiring much cooking. We watched as multiple tables got served full burgers and nachos. Another waiter stopped by the table to ask if we’d been served. 30 minutes later our flatbread is dropped on our table with no words by the original waiter that should have served us (Alfonso). It wasn’t rushed and we didn’t get our salads. At this point we just asked for the check and told them to forget the salads. You’d think after all that the manager would have come to apologize? Nope. Biggest waste of time on our night out for our anniversary, we’ve been to HRC all around the world and I have never been so disappointed, especially by the one closest to my home. Just awful! Never going back!!!