Phillips Seafood Restaurant at the Playground Phillips Seafood Restaurant at the Playground
Restaurant @ Caesars Atlantic City
"Lamar Fennell"
First of all the food is extremely expensive it 16 dollars for a basket with a two inch strip of fish, 5 pieces of shrimp that remind you of the tips of funnel cake, 2 crab cakes an inch in diameter, and fries🤢,I went to the part that was outside. My food sat under the heat lamps for 15 minutes waiting for the rest of thee order when I got to my seat my food was stale, at which point I returned and asked for fresh food the lady disrespectfully denied my request because "ummm you got your food a half hour ago" which I did not, I ordered my food watched it get placed under the lights within the first ten minutes then proceeded to wait another 20 minutes for the rest of my order. Second of all, the "fresh" lemonade takes 10 minutes just to get poured in a cup To anyone who wants to spend money on food this is not the place to spend it.(