Justin Stumpf
First Light Resort & Casino First Light Resort & Casino
Taunton, MA
"Justin Stumpf"
Where do I Start? My wife and I booked this place to come spend a day at the pool before having a night at the casino and then dinner. We arrived at the pool about 11am and it was empty. The bartender Erin, was very nice and helpful. The only trouble is, there is nobody monitoring who comes to the pool. By Noon It seems Essentially everyone in the neighborhood brings their kids to this pool. All you have to do is park, walk thru the lobby, up the stairs, and take the bridge too the pool to bypass security and the casino and Bingo, your IN! You are supposed to have a pass to use the pool from the hotel, but apparently they don’t care and nobody checks for it. Once in the pool area everyone drinks the bottled water the hotel has put out for guests, uses the towels, and turns the pool into a public daycare. I literally saw one kid put at least 5 bottles of water into a plastic bag and leave.. At one point my wife and I had to get up and leave the pool area because I couldn’t stand kids screaming and throwing sand by the handful into the pool. Meanwhile the dad to the 4 children was smoking weed in the corner of the pool area. Not joking. Also, a different kid brought a chinchilla in a cage to the pool and had it with him in the sand area for a few hours. I CANT MAKE THIS UP. Hopefully after 7pm it will b less of a public pool when 21 and older is only allowed. Other than that, the Casino is fairly decent with a lot of table games for the size and the usual Slot machines. The food so far seems to be good at the casino floor restaurants.