Windjammer Café Windjammer Café
Restaurant @ Royal Caribbean International - Vision of the Seas
"Bob Mack"
This is a review of the Windjammer and the Upper Deck Pub above the Windjammer restaurant. I do eat the Windjammer food regularly and I really enjoy it. Once in a while a steak special might be a bit dry or overdone, and I can certainly nitpick some things but overall the food is very good and priced well for what you'll get. The salad "boat" is a favorite with fresh veggies and bread. I've been to salad bars with more selections, but I find that what I get here is always satisfying and fresh. The dinner entrees cover a fairly wide range of items from steak to enchiladas. Most of which I've been really happy with. The steak specials are a favorite, with a rotating choice of steak, often filet, served with Bearnaise or another sauce/glaze. Since I mention the enchiladas, I wouldn't figure to order those outside of a Mexican restaurant but I was very pleased when I did so recently. The clam chowder has always been a favorite for me as well. The Upper Deck Pub upstairs is more than worth a visit if you are so inclined. The beer selection is very good, best I've encountered really for a "hotel bar." Heady Topper is usually there along with Focal Banger and a nice selection of other local/regional taps, cans and bottles. If Heady Topper isn't your thing, there are plenty of other great choices with a thoughtful blend of rotators and steady brands you can count on. But the staff is really what makes the difference here. They are terrific! I couldn't call most any of them by name as I usually sit at the bar, but I recognize staff members who have been there for at least a couple of years and who always seem to be there. A great sign, I think, of what this place is about. I can say that Mike at the bar is a great person who is always smiling and it is a pleasure to see him whenever I sit down there. Say hello to him!