Citrus at the Grand Pool Deck Citrus at the Grand Pool Deck
Restaurant @ Downtown Grand
"Roxanna Paige"
I really thought that this was going to be a great stay until...when we checked in after 3 and a half weeks of planning a trip that they had switched my smoking room to non smoking....I'm very annoyed....I am not hard to please...but why would I request a non smoking room if I smoke cigarettes? I payed for the convenience and was told they would call the next day if something comes nothing... even if it wasn't available still let me know.....I'm just unhappy..... and when I confirmed 3 times.... who changed my accommodation? And why am I being treated like I'm crazy? Nobody knows.. nobody can help.. I don't know why I even.....super disappointed..rooms are clean.... that is for certain....make sure you get what you request...that's all...I spent money and got the old bait and switch....😉