Concession Stand Concession Stand
Restaurant @ Alameda County Fairgrounds
"Tiffany Andre"
Attended the Alameda County Fair and was pleasantly surprised. I plan on attending from now on. It was the best fair I've been to in a long while. It was NOT crowded but it felt like it was well attended over the THREE weeks that it runs. Parking was more than fair at $10 for the day, most parking spots were under tree cover, thus shaded most of the day. Plenty of exhibits indoors & out. Lots of opportunities for you to see and check out animals large and small. The shopping was pretty fair. If you get a chance, try the fresh apple juice blends from Hidden Star Farms. It was FANTASTIC! Also there were TONS of food vendors, lots of different options, not just the usual fair food. Be sure to check out the model railroad & vintage farm equipment displays, they are interesting and fun to watch. Lots of small things to keep little ones involved and interested. Definitely a family friendly fair!