Mountain View Sports Bar Mountain View Sports Bar
Restaurant @ Spirit Mountain Casino
"Erin Getzler"
It's ok for drinks, but don't dare ask for a cocktail and a shot together because they will deny you. Also food sucks and waitstaff isnt much better, waited for 2 hours for a 1/2 order of french toast and my husband ordered the traditional breakfast. We watched several big tables come in AFTER us eat pay and leave when we inquired about our food we were told by waitstaff that it wasn't her proplem, after a hours I was so hungry we were getting up to leave when our foid came out, my french toast was stone cold and hard as a rock and my husband only got half of the traditional breakfast and no hashbrowns. So I paid full price for a traditional breakfast that only had 1 piece of bacon, no hashbrowns and over hard cold eggs ( we asked for over easy) and charged for a full french toast order when I ordered the half and to boot it was cold and hard. At this point I was told It wasnt the waitresses proplem so many times I didnt want to argue I paid the amount but havent returned since then. This incident was a few days after I went in for a couple cocktails. I ordered my husband a beer and a shot, I ordered me a cocktail when I got half way with my cocktail I ordered me a shot and the bartender told me I cant have a drink a a shot, when I asked why my husband can and I couldnt he said those are my rules and walked away. So needless to say even tho this Bar is 2 blocks from me I haven't gone back. Terrible service, bad food but the view is amazing!