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Restaurant @ Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino
"Kyle Dunwiddie"
What a nightmare! After 22 years of traveling worldwide in the military and then 15 more years traveling worldwide as a defense contractor, I can honestly state that I have only stayed in two hotels that were worse than this one. The hotel has a fee for early check-in; however, it appears that the fee isn't used to pay anyone to clean the room. There was trash in the refrigerator, under the bed, on the tables and night stands, and everywhere. The room had not been vacuumed and the shower/tub was filthy. To top it off the room was a smoking room and the smell was unbearable. The room was pet-friendly and was a suite originally reserved for my daughter who was 6 months pregnant, my son-in-law and my granddaughter. They couldn't stay in the room because of the overpowering smell of cigarettes, so I switched my room with them. When I complained to the front desk, I was offered another suite but it was also a smoking room. Lot of good that would have done. Then the clerk said that he would have the manager, Lana, call me that evening as she wouldn't be at work until 09:00 am the following morning and we were leaving at 07:30 am. Luckily she came to work early, but her people skills were definitely lacking and while she reduced the price of the room and waived the early check-in fee, it still didn't make up for the condition and smell of the room. How hard is it to clean a room? I will never stay at this hotel again.